Savannah in 90s sex music


Name: Blond Krafte

Actress: Savannah,Carolyn Monroe,Holly Ryder,Valhalla

Categories: 90s sex music, Savannah, 1991, United States, English, Michael Craig, Savannah, Carolyn Monroe, Holly Ryder, Valhalla, Peter North, Mike Horner, Joey Murphy

Actors: Peter North,Mike Horner,Joey Murphy

In between contracts, for a very brief period, Savannah was on her own. In charge, Blond Krafte. She called her own shots, made her own rules, did what she wanted. What she wanted, who she wanted, when she wanted! This is what happened, we called it Blond Krafte! It's about an apartment, and Savannah's the boss. This is your three-day notice. Prepare to evict your shorts!

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Michael Craig

Duration: 85 min

Year: 1991

Savannah in 90s sex music

Saturday, August 12, 2017


90s sex musicSavannah1991United StatesEnglishMichael CraigCarolyn MonroeHolly RyderValhallaPeter NorthMike HornerJoey Murphy

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